Darren Metz’s portfolio of business success includes variety of multi-million dollar companies in the areas of computer networking, web hosting, office equipment, and real estate development/management. Currently, he serves on the board of Managed IT & Print Services industry-leader Novatech as Executive Chairman, and helms Luxeterra – offering real estate clients perfect locations in highly visible and growing markets.

 Novatech has spent 20+ years at the forefront state-of-the-art office technology, managed IT solutions and award-winning service throughout the United States.

Founded in 2016, Luxeterra delivers excellence in real estate development and management, tailored to client needs. An ideal partner for growing markets with diverse needs.

Novatech is building a fully-integrated, nationwide organization that delivers a full suite of IT solutions with the efficiency of a large-scale company and the responsiveness and customer care of a local entrepreneurial dealership.  Acquisitions guided by Darren Metza honor the life’s work of leadership and owners while providing optimal liquidity.